A Review: The Gathering

The Gathering

‘The Gathering’ is a mix of the very best British folk, blues and acoustic music which is set to be released as a FREE download through The Davenport Collection on 1st October.

There’s something about an acoustic release that’s completely soothing and enchanting to the ears. ‘The Gathering’ is exactly that. As the collection opens with ‘Absense’ by Wise Children, you’re treated to the strumming of a guitar and a gentle male vocal. Once the track moves along, so does the pace. With guitar playing in full-swing and a beat accompanying a great selection of lyrics, you find yourself bopping along to the music. What a fantastic opener to a fantastic release.

‘Scared Of The Sea’ by Lazy Heart Parade continues the up-tempo vibe with a male and female vocal contrast to create a unique and folky sound. When the next track kicked in, I swore I was listening to Jeff Buckley for a second. ‘Sleeping Ships’ by Wooden Maria seeps deep into your subconscious and renders your body motionless, something that Jeff Buckley had mastered down to-a-tee.

After being taken on a journey to a place of tranquillity you’re swiftly brought back to reality with ‘Little Sadie’ by Harriet Starling & The Good Honeys. The closest comparison, in terms of vocals, is a mix between Florence And The Machine and Marina And The Diamonds. If you’re a fan of either then you’ll love this track. Now half way through the mix I was craving something bluesy. ‘Why Do You No Longer Put Flowers On My Grave?’ by Nia quenched my thirst for such a thing. By the end of the song I was completely composed, picturing a camp fire and perfect guitar accompaniment to go with it.

My favourite track on ‘The Gathering’ has to be ‘Monster’ by Ruby & The Rib Cage, for the sole fact that the vocals featured are extremely authentic and sound something similar to what you’d expect in an old-school jazz/blues bar. One of my favourite albums ever is “Get Up” By Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper and this track is the closest to songs featured on there, in terms of the backing and authenticity.

Songs ‘Snowstorm’ by Broken Marionettes and ‘Grinning In Your Face (Live)’ by The Tin Can bring this fantastic release to a close. The choice to put a live blues song to complete the experience was a fantastic idea, as it ensures the listener goes away with a true idea of what blues and jazz is all about. However, the very best thing about the way ‘The Gathering’ ends is the Elvis-like “thank you very much”. Genius.

Faceless Promotions’ score: 8/10 

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