Introducing: Helena Micy

Helena Micy

Helena Micy is a Greek Soul/R’n’B singer/songwriter living in London. Giving up her studies of Archaeology to pursue her passion for music in Athens during 2004, within a year she had studied piano and harmony at the National Conservatory of Greece, joined bands and performed live.

The talented young woman began writing her own material in 2009 and gained the opportunity to record this in 2010, which saw her release the singles ‘Listen’ (featuring Stereo Mike) and ‘Leave Me Alone’. After moving to London at the end of 2011 to work on her debut album, produced by Stereo Mike, she released ‘Don’t Change’, which serves as the first release from the collection.

Helena Micy has spent 2013 gigging in some of London’s finest venues, such as Proud Camden and The Troubadour, as well as at the South By Southwest Festival.

Here’s the official video for latest track ‘Don’t Change’, which gives you an excellent taste for what’s to come from the talented singer in the near-future. With over 7,000 views on YouTube, it won’t be long before Helena Micy is a name heard more frequently in the music industry.

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    Love this article!

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