Review: ‘Don’t Change’ By Helena Micy

Helena Micy

‘Don’t Change’ is Helena Micy’s first single to be taken from her widely acclaimed debut album, which was released back in 2012. Shortly after, the talented young performer treated fans to an official music video…

‘Don’t Change’ begins with a delicate piano instrumental performed by Helena herself, which is both captivating and enchanting. When the lyrics kick in, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear Helena’s European accent seep through into the vocals. Keeping true to her Greek roots is something I was happy to see Helena opt to do, as there are too many monotonous and auto-tuned artists currently in the charts.

The line “I’m not changing, for you or anybody else” is one which will hit home with many of Helena’s fans, both male and female. However it is the female fans who should be glad of a fantastic role model in the form of Helena, as she manages to look both stunning and respectable within the video for the track.

Overall the track is one which is about empowering yourself and believing in your own abilities regardless of what somebody else says, be that a significant other, friend, family member or anybody who has put you down. I always enjoy messages like this, which can be seen throughout the current music industry with artists such as Demi Lovato, P!nk and Taylor Swift, as they are great mantras for young people to live by.

Faceless Promotions’ Score: 8/10

For more information about Helena Micy or links to her latest music, you can visit her website here!


Here’s the fantastic music video to go with ‘Don’t Change’.

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