Introducing: Mazey Banks

Mazey Banks

Mazey Banks is a 20 years young recording artist with the abilities of rhyming melodically and infusing many genres together. From Pop, Rock, Reggae and even Hip Hop you can most surely hear the influences.

Exposed to many different musical backgrounds, Mazey’s early contact with music included artist such as 2 pac, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Madonna. His musical taste expanded and he developed a flavour for a much wider scale of music including AfroBeats, Rock, and even Gospel. There are many inspirations that make up Mazey Banks, which is clearly seen by the vast array of musical styles and culture expressed by him.

Mazey Banks Fundraising Dinner

Mazey has featured on many radio interviews, with Dejavu FM and Liberty Radio Breakfast Show with Richard Andersone being just just a few. He has appeared at numerous mainstream/red carpet events, Beauty Pageants and festivals in London, as well as performing in front of Mayors and High Commissioners. He is also booked to perform at the Hilton Hotel in September 2013 for The Angels of Fashion in aid of the Princes Trust Charity and again in October 2013 with Miss Nubian UK supporting Black History Month.


The new album ‘NoWordOfDoubt’, released on 15th Aug 2013, is an innovative, inspiring and enticing collection of songs. You can see the fantastic art work for the album below…

No Word Of Doubt

Take a listen to ‘NoWordOfDoubt’ below. If you like what you hear, you can download the release here!

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