Wednesday Waborita 24/09/2013 – Listen Here

Wednesday Waborita

We teamed up with Cultural Cocktails last night for another fantastic #WednesdayWaborita, one day early!

We opened the show with the article ‘Why Psychology Ruined My Life’ and why some people are naturally deep-thinkers, with the impact of this on their life and the way they view other people.

Next up for discussion was the Taproot Indian advertising campaign involving pictures of Indian Goddesses as domestic abuse victims, which has caused a great deal of controversy.

The third story we chatted about was the detrimental effects plastic surgery can have on your life and health, including the psychological disadvantages as well as the alarming new “trend” where people go to ‘pumping parties’ to inject silicon into each other.

Now half way through the show, we moved on to ‘First Date Etiquette’ a la Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Keeping with the fun vibe of the previous topic, the ‘Ten Commandments Of Getting A Tattoo’ were discussed. From not getting somebody’s name on you to leaving your celebrity idolising at the tattoo shop door, if you’re thinking about getting some body ink this is definitely something you should read.

To finish the show, we discussed the fantastic new release from The Davenport Collection (@DavenportCollec). Titled ‘The Gathering’, this free download is one which basks in blues and acoustic excellence.

You can listen to the show here:

If you have any work you want promoted or know of a topic that would fit in great with the show, please get in touch!

We’ll be back on 9th october 2013 at 8pm BST, so make sure you tune in!

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