Introducing: Adam Lee

Adam Lee

Adam Lee is a young Singer/Songwriter from the Southend area of Essex.

He’s setting out on his own to create a unique sound & live performance mixing folk, indie & rock music together. Influences from artists such as Mumford & Sons, Deaf Havana, Greg Holden, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash and Kings of Leon, he plans to slowly build a fan base, release tracks and an EP with the hope to be able to tour & start making a small living from music.

Back in 2010, when he was 15, he started playing local open mic nights around Essex, with The White Swan in Bicknacre hosted by Jane Whitebeing the first. By the age of 16 he had recorded his own 4 track demo from his bedroom which received airplay on a collection of small radio stations. It also caught the eye of an independent record label called Specky Records, which arranged for Adam to feature on a local radio station called Saint FM for a live performance and interview. They also showcased all of their artists at The Twist in Colchester for a live performance. Unfortunately, Specky Records did shut down soon after and nothing else happened on that front.

Adam Lee

Things started taking shape throughout 2012 with many more gigs, including a handful in London and positive feedback from YouTube videos. Adam was also featured on Saint FM, hosted by Lizzie B, for the entire show as a special guest, along with Chris Robson.

Adam Lee

With 2013 in full swing, Adam is continuing with his passion for music. Regularly releasing videos and uploading them to YouTube, he’s gathered a loyal fan base and some great feedback from music fans and bloggers alike.

Here’s a performance of his song ‘Blue Eyes’, recorded at Bleeding Ear Studios. What do you think?

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