Wednesday Waborita 10/10/2013 – Listen Here

Wednesday Waborita

We had a fantastic show last night with Janice Ross of Cultural Cocktails for our bi-weekly instalment of Wednesday Waborita!

We began with the idea of ‘Real Life Superpowers’, discussing interesting psychological conditions such as Synaesthesia, The Lima Syndrome and The Stockholm Syndrome!

Swiftly moving on, we wanted to praise Ragz-CV for all of his hard work with blending his love for Hip Hop music and his nan (who suffers from Dementia) and putting a positive spin on this to raise funds for Alzheimers Charity! This took the form of a review of the ‘Positive Influence’ event the talented young artist organised.

Next up was a discussion about the article titled ‘Rude Tube: The Devils Of My Morning Commute’. I’m sure you all can relate to those awful journeys on public transport!

Having reached half way through the show, we moved on to a Radiohead inspired music project. Released by Bandhouse Records, ‘Radio In My Head’ comprises covers of Radiohead tracks from eleven artists all over the world!

We’re always keen to promote the work of publications that aim to give young people a head start in the world, which is why we wanted to talk about our next post. The London Youth Journalism Project is an online blog which allows young people to write about whatever they want! From music to TV to sports to current affairs, all of their costs are covered and essential skills are gained. The project is looking for volunteers too, so if that sounds like something you’d like to know more about you can get in touch with the publication through the article.

To finish the show we touched upon the detrimental effect some British newspapers have on the way people perceive mental illness, specifically targeting The Sun‘s story that was rife with errors and statistics that were not interpreted correctly.

If you missed the show, you can listen in here!

We’ll be back on Wednesday October 23rd for another instalment of Wednesday Waborita! Tune in at 8pm BST! Additionally, if you have any work you’d like to be promoted or think there’s a story that would make a great discussion topic, please get in touch!

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