Female Empowerment & Breaking The Taboos

Saudi Women

Female Empowerment is something that is growing all over the world, as people of all genders, races, religions and sexualities are recognising that women should be celebrated and supported.

I came across two interesting articles that discussed two taboos currently being challenged by extremely courageous women, who are literally risking their lives to speak out and voice their opinions.

The first article is titled ‘What Muslim Women Really Want In The Bedroom’, which initially will raise quite a few eyebrows. Shelina Janmohamed, author of ‘Love In A Headscarf’, decided to discuss how women are leading the way in her faith when it comes to sexuality; something which completely opposes the view that men are ‘superior’ to women within the Muslim community. Within her article, Shelina explains about an online sex shop for Muslims and self-help books for Muslims who want to further and enhance their own personal sexual experiences. This is a fantastic step forward, in my opinion. Sexuality is something that is natural and innate; something to be celebrated and enjoyed with a person you care about. I think it’s great that people of other faiths have recognised this and are wanting to help others in their position to find the tools they need to have a fulfilling sex life. These individuals have carried out their own personal projects whilst knowing their lives could very well be at risk by others disapproving, yet they still choose to carry on. For me, this is something that can only be described as courageous.

Something similar occurred during another article I read, which described how a few dozen women violated the stubborn social codes in a conservative Saudi Arabian society by getting into their cars and driving. Not only this but they posted videos of themselves doing so to spread the word and gain support for what they were trying to achieve. To somebody who lives in a Western society, it might seem quite ridiculous that women are not allowed to drive somewhere but unfortunately that is the situation in selected places all over the globe. As with the Muslim women in the first article, these females won’t be giving up any time soon. Regardless of the strong opposition and threat to their lives, they believe time is on their side. With the rise of social media how it is and a youthful population, they really do feel that in a matter of years the country will be more open to change.

It’s women like this who should be celebrated, in true female empowerment style. Standing up for what you believe in can be hard enough when you’re accepted as being an equal but trying to go against the flow of “normality” is extremely difficult and something that needs to be recognised as courageous.

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