Kimye: Inspirational Or Delusional?

Kim and Kanye

Recently Kanye West made some remarks on a radio show that caused a stir in the media world about his fiancée Kim Kardashian. Kanye claimed that Kim should be on the cover of Vogue as she’s more influential than Michelle Obama, that collectively they are the most influential with clothing and the pair are breaking through a “wall of classism”. Is there any truth in what the Hip Hop star is saying?

If you listen to the interview as a whole, Kanye speaks more about fashion and trends than life in general. His argument is that Kim has a great deal of Instagram attention when she posts new pictures, unlike Michelle Obama. Before laughing this off as a ‘childish’ remark, we must remember that Kanye is a very successful business man and so isn’t stupid. Instagram is something the older generation fail to comprehend, yet it is a social networking tool used by millions of people all over the world. It is true that Kim Kardashian’s fashion is followed by a great deal of people all over the world and this is something that does not happen to Michelle Obama. Of course the validity of Instagram and how influential people are who use it fluctuates depending upon what generation you’re from and how you’ve been brought up, however one cannot argue that a great deal of young females take style tips from Kim’s Instagram and the pictures she posts up there.

In terms of the duo being collectively the most influential in the clothing department, I believe Kanye was correct. Apart from David and Victoria Beckham, the couple are very on trend and always debut the latest fashion; even setting their own trends for others to follow. They both have their own clothing lines, with designers praising the duo and showing support for their projects. One cannot deny the exposure any clothing line would get should Kim Kardashian choose to wear an item from their collection, which is why Kanye’s comment does hold some truth. The definition of influential is: “having great influence on someone or something”. Keeping this in mind, you cannot argue that the duo are not influential in terms of clothing because they are both highly successful in their fashion endeavours.

Both Kim and Kanye, individually and collectively, are brands. Big brands at that. Anything with their name stamped onto it will turn into gold, which does provide support for some of Kanye West’s claims. Personally I think his comments should be taken with a pinch of salt as I do believe he enjoys the shock factor and media outcry when he makes such statements. However I would urge people branding the couple as “stupid” or “delusional” to re-think their opinions, as both have proven themselves to be more than capable of being successful in whatever they set out to do (bar Kim’s attempt to sing on a record produced by The Dream, which I have included for amusement factor below – please note, she did it to “goof off” as opposed to making any attempt to forge a music career ).

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