Hooligan Soul – Planet Of The Grapes EP

Hooligan Soul

Having previously recorded using the alias Housebreakerz, Hooligan Soul is back with his exclusive sound, fusing House, Bass, Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Rave, Dnb, Hip Hop, Electro, Techno and underground sounds all into one eclectic noise which cultivates on the brand new ‘Planet Of The Grapes EP’.

The new project features guest appearances from a number of talented vocalists from around the UK EDM scene, including Hustler Spirit.

Creating a new formula, production outfit Hooligan Soul are set to take the mainstream underground scene by storm, with their direct approach and delivery of innovative and dancefloor-fresh sounds, Hooligan Soul is one step ahead!

With a number of DJ / LIVE performances set to be announced for 2014, its time you got familiar. Hooligan Soul’s Jeremy Sylvester says his Planet Of The Grapes EP “Is all about the buzz, the rhythm, the Drive and the Energy. Planet Of The Grapes breaks the rules and boundaries in so many ways”. “Its a truly uniquely British sound with its roots in the Midlands”, he explains.

This just might be the freshest sound that the UK EDM scene has to offer..

What do you think of ‘Planet Of The Grapes EP’?

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