Jeremy Sylvester – 9D4 EP

Jeremy Sylvester

DJ/producer, Jeremy Sylvester is back with some freshly squeezed material, showcasing progressive style with his latest 3-track EP titled ‘9D4’. The industry name-stay has been part of the UK music scene since the 90s, amassing three top 20 singles and an impressive 4 million records sold along the way! But Jeremy’s just getting started…

‘9D4 sees Jeremy Sylvester take his proficiency & passion for traditional dance vibes, and fuses them with some new school style, a perfect combination! EDM heavyweights Disclosure and Basemant Jaxx have both shown recent support for Jeremy Sylvester, noting him as a key influencer, recognising his heavyweight music status.

The brand new ‘9D4 EP’ includes floor-filling records, ‘Afterlife’, ‘Just Groovin’ (Vocal Mix) and ‘Just Groovin’ (Instrumental Mix).

Jeremy has once again proven himself to be an industry mainstay, and if ‘9D4’ is anything to go by, the stellar reputation is surely set to peak once again! The best is yet to come…

What do you think of ‘9D4’?

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