Wednesday Waborita 05/12/2013 – Listen Here

Wednesday Waborita

We enjoyed another fantastic Wednesday Waborita last night with Janice Ross of Cultural Cocktails! 

We opened the show with the fantastic news that Konata has made it to MTV’s Brand New Unsigned Top 20 shortlist!

Next we moved onto social media and those tell-tale signs that you’ve become a Twitter or Facebook junkie!

Our third topic for discussion centred around the idea that the key to making better decisions lies with emotional intelligence. 

Following this, we moved onto the article ‘Is University Really Worth It?’

Over half-way through the show, we chatted about the positives and negatives of LinkedIn as it is a social media platform growing in popularity.

Our final topic up for discussion was a festive one, based on the blog post ‘Eat, Drink And Be Embarrassing’.

You can listen to the show here!

We’ll be back for another instalment of Wednesday Waborita on 18th December @ 8pm BST! Make sure you tune in!

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