Introducing: Cameron Jay – Sing Out Loud Sundays Session

Cameron Jay

Cameron Jay is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen, now living in London pursuing her musical dream. A dance opportunity in the London 2012 Olympics originally spurred a move to the ‘Big City’ and since then Cameron has consistently achieved. Aside from reaching the final stages of the Jump Off TV 2013 singing competition, with artists such as Professor Green and Labrinth having also graced the same stage on their way up, Cameron is also the only female feature on the latest People’s Army mixtape release, ‘New Recruits’, whilst also featuring on Logic’s latest album, ‘More True Talk’.

It’s clear for all to see that Cameron’s been busy; not only in showcasing herself at some of London’s most prestigious live events but also in gaining recognition in the London hip hop scene; anyone that listens to the New Recruits tape will also come to understand very quickly the power behind Cameron’s music.

However whilst it may seem that Cameron is predominantly an ‘urban’ artist, her sound lends itself beautifully to acoustic soul music. And her most recent project is a live session with videographer MilliPix for the relaunch of the channel Sing Out Loud Sundays, covering Nirvana’s classic ‘Heart Shaped Box’. In typical fashion, Cameron delivers a passionate performance of a tune with poignant relevance to her life and perception of the world. So please enjoy this live acoustic session, filmed at Abbot Street studios with the supremely talented poet and guitarist Tish, Cameron Jay’s regular musical partner, in support.

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